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There are over 50 kinds of Crape Myrtle, they are ranges that are evergreen and some that loose their leaves, they vary in height from small shrubs to 100 foot tall trees, the trunk and stems are flutes and they loose their bark all year long. The flowers vary from white to purple and are delicate and crape like, offering the tree its' name.

The crape myrtle tree is one of the fastest growing blooming trees presently growing in the United States and is rather typical in the gardening and landscaping in the more temperate environments.

Well, it is easier to tell you when not to prune a crepe myrtle, DO NOT PRUNE IN NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER. If you prune too late in the year then get a warm spell the tree will start to bud, then winter comes and the tree has actually lost valuable strength it need to have been booking for the spring.

In fact, if you are at all not sure at all don't prune at all. The most common issue in pruning crape myrtle trees is over pruning. If you over prune you will end up with extremely long branches that will not have the ability to support the growth of new leaves and it seriously minimizes the amount of flowers.

Initially, we need to search for where the tree removal gilbert az tree was last trimmed. To do this find the seed pods (if the tree bloomed the previous year) or follow the limb in from its pointer. You are searching for the very first symmetrical branching off the primary limbs. If the tree has actually been pruned correctly in the past you will discover a primary branch extending from the trunk with 2 mainly balanced branches forming a "Y" few inches listed below the first pruning. As you follow each "Y" you will find the process repeated, with another pruning and a couple of inches listed below that two branches forming a "Y", then repeating once again till you reach the external layer of the tree where the seed pods are. When the tree is barren in early spring it need to look something like a dandelion fluff.

Second, if you are still following me, we follow the seed pod down to last years pruning and after that determine about 6 inches back up the branch and cut. Another way to tell where to prune is by gently bending the branch with your fingers and the cutting the crape myrtle where branch gets company and does not flex as quickly.